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I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, in the Department of Medical Biophysics. Here you can find out about my research, past projects, and general thoughts. These thoughts are my own. I'm writing them in an effort to make them better.

Recent Posts

Ignorance is strength

Hallelujah, the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to a close. Or, at least, so says the Alberta provincial government. But I wouldn't be too trusting of what they're advocating.

Limit of a t distribution

I like to write some proofs when I have need of them but have a hard time tracking them down. Here is one about the limit of the t distribution with infinite degrees of freedom.

Documents as code and LaTeX

Lots of work goes into writing documents. Lots of that work is rule-based and can be made programmatic. This makes working with documents as a form of code that needs to be compiled as useful way to think about them, as well as working with them. LaTeX can handle these kinds of documents and may be the right place to start.