James Hawley Canada

I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, in the Department of Medical Biophysics. Here you can find out about my research, past projects, and general thoughts. These thoughts are my own. I'm writing them in an effort to make them better.

Recent Posts

Strings, OsStrings, and PathBufs in Rust

In Rust, I have always had trouble dealing with paths and how they differ from strings. Here, I want to break down how these types are related to each other, why they're different, and how to convert between them.

Notes, tasks, and planning with Org mode

This post is about Org mode, an exemplary Emacs package, and why I think so many people love this piece of software.

Illumina flow cell teardown

For many computational biologists, their work starts with sequencing data. But that data obviously doesn't appear out of nowhere. To bring that side of molecular biology a bit closer to home, I got my hands on an old flow cell and take it apart to see what it's made of.