Notes from a mathematical physics degree

Published: November 11, 2020   |   Read time:


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I took many notes throughout my undergraduate degree in mathematical physics at the University of Waterloo. Once I finished my last exam, I decided to digitize all of my notes and discard the physical copies. Below, you can find all my notes from all of my classes at the time. They have continued to be useful for me, long past my graduation.

Introductory mathematics


Foundational algebra

Linear algebra I

Linear algebra II


Calculus I

Calculus II

Calculus III

Vector calculus and Fourier analysis

Applied mathematics

Differential equations

Ordinary differential equations I

Ordinary differential equations II

Partial differential equations

Fluid mechanics

Continuum mechanics

Fluid mechanics

Optimal control theory

Calculus of variations

Control theory


Classical mechanics

Introductory mechanics

Theoretical mechanics

Electricity & magnetism

Electricity & magnetism I

Electricity & magnetism II

Electricity & magnetism III

Statistical mechanics

Thermal physics

Statistical mechanics

Intermediate classical mechanics

Quantum mechanics

Introductory quantum physics

Quantum theory I

Quantum theory II

Modern physics

General relativity

Particle physics



Physical and chemical matter

Chemical reactions

Computer science

Designing functional programs

Elementary algorithm designs

Computational mathematics




Pure math


Real analysis

Complex analysis

Groups and rings

Group theory

Rings and fields

Number theory

Elementary number theory