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Ignorance is strength

Hallelujah, the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to a close. Or, at least, so says the Alberta provincial government. But I wouldn't be too trusting of what they're advocating.

Strings, OsStrings, and PathBufs in Rust

In Rust, I have always had trouble dealing with paths and how they differ from strings. Here, I want to break down how these types are related to each other, why they're different, and how to convert between them.

Notes, tasks, and planning with Org mode

This post is about Org mode, an exemplary Emacs package, and why I think so many people love this piece of software.

Running Linux GUI applications on Windows

This post is a walkthrough of how to get these Linux GUI applications running on Windows using the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

"Buying" music sucks

My friend, Finn M-K, makes music for a living. I wanted to buy his most recent album and keep the MP3 files. The process was miserable and the easiest route was to pirate it. This is not a sustainable ecosystem for musicians.

Why I like Rust - and why it's annoying

Here is a reason why I like the Rust language and community, but also why developers may not like them.

How to keep track of your bills

I made a command line tool for keeping track of financial statements for various accounts called Quill. Here's a breakdown of how I developed a solution.

A fully-fledged toolchain for Rust on Windows

Rust is rapidly becoming a powerful and popular programming language. Running it on Windows can be a bit of a pain, so here's a guide to make it easier.

A Vim user's introduction to Emacs

As a long-time Vim user, it took me some time to figure out what emacs was an how to use it. I hope to make that transition a bit easier and clearer for others.

Reading List 2019

After being encouraged to make a reading challenge for 2019, I wanted to end the challenge by writing a brief review of each of the books I read.

Using GitHub Pages in Visual Studio Code

I run this site using GitHub Pages, so here's my setup of how I make it easier to test my site before I make changes, using Visual Studio Code.