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Notes from a mathematical physics degree

I took many notes throughout my undergraduate degree in mathematical physics at the University of Waterloo. Once I finished my last exam, I decided to digitize all of my notes and discarding the physical copies. Below, you can find all my notes from all of my classes at the time.

Visualizing layered fluids in a rotating reference frame

A video project for my fluid dynamics class in undergrad.

CRISPieR: Re-engineering CRISPR-Cas9 with functional applications in eukaryotic systems

University of Waterloo's iGEM team had been fascinated with CRISPR systems for a few years, so we decided to probe the specifics of how the system works, and attempted to find some possible improvements to the system.

Quasi-geostrophic models and Hamiltonian dynamics

A summary of my Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant term in 2015 studying Hamiltonian fluid dynamics.

Staphylocide: Stopping Antibiotic Resistance Through Gene Silencing

An overview of the University of Waterloo's 2014 iGEM project, tackling antibiotic resistance, and my contributions.

Quantum Communication Complexity

A brief description and report of my work at the Institute for Quantum Computing during an undergraduate research term.

Controlled Modification and Intercellular Transmission of a DNA Message

My contributions to University of Waterloo's 2013 iGEM team. We proposed and designed an intercellular messaging system using viral capsids.