General purpose Anaconda tips

I use Anaconda managing my computational software environments. Here are some pragmatic tips for making conda environments easier to deal with.

A solution to dependency hell: static binaries by default

Dependencies are complicated for computational biologists. Adapting a different development strategy can help your end users.

Why I like Rust - and why it's annoying

Here is a reason why I like the Rust language and community, but also why developers may not like them.

Check your references

Relying on first hand evidence is important for building an argument. Here I discuss how citation limits in journals may entice readers to read the review papers and not the original articles, but that doing this diligent work is important for research.

Experimenting with web monetization

This blog post is an experiment in running the web monetization protocol on this blog. If you don't have web monetization enabled in your browser, you won't see the contents of this post.

This article requires monetization to access
Colours and the scientific eye

Scientific writing is about communication. Colour is an effective visual communication tool, but tough to use well in scientific figures. Here are some notes on how to do it well, what tools to use, and what examples to use as inspiration.

General purpose Emacs tips

Emacs is a text editor that has a lot of history and a lot of functionality. Because of its history and the philosophy behind it, it can be hard to find the "right" way to do anything with it. In this post, I want to compile some information that I've found over time, and things that have worked for me.

A more sane way to modify your PATH

The PATH environment variable is key for getting software to run on your computer. Sometimes you have to edit it by hand for your development purposes. Here is a tool to make that process a little more sane.

A collection of useful command line tools

Command line utilities are great. Here are a few of my favourites.

Notes from a mathematical physics degree

I took many notes throughout my undergraduate degree in mathematical physics at the University of Waterloo. Once I finished my last exam, I decided to digitize all of my notes and discarding the physical copies. Below, you can find all my notes from all of my classes at the time.


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