Now is an exciting time for mathematicians in the biological sciences

There are many reasons to be excited about scientific progress in the biological sciences, especially if you're a mathematician of almost any kind.

Pragmatic guidelines for bioinformatics software tools

I offer 10 practical suggestions for designing robust, intuitive, and user-friendly software tools for bioinformatics.

Building Conda Packages

A brief introduction to creating your own conda packages.

Designing dark academic posters

Many academic posters look boring: white backgrounds, black text, some shade of neutral blue as an accent colour, etc. I've designed some posters with dark backgrounds, and I've learned a thing or two from making them that I'd like to share.

Academic twitter isn't for me

I'll go against the current trend and say that I don't think you should use Twitter as a tool for working in academia.

The cleverness behind Tajima's D statistic

I want to highlight how clever the derivation of Tajima's statistic is, and a great idea he puts forward in his 1989 paper.

Don't trust your data at first glance

A cautionary tale of trusting your data from another source.

"Support" over "coverage"

"Read coverage" in high throughput sequencing is a bit of an ambiguous term. Here, I make the argument for using the analogous term "support", coming from set theory and its interpretation.

The woes of using bioinformatics software: a case study in trying to install ChAMP

Making high-quality bioinformatics software is hard. Installing and using it shouldn't be, though. Here's a detailed description of all the work I did to try and install the ChAMP package.

PubMed + RSS for following specific authors

A quick method for keeping updated on works published by specific authors using PubMed's not so well known RSS feature.


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