Designing dark academic posters

Many academic posters look boring: white backgrounds, black text, some shade of neutral blue as an accent colour, etc. I've designed some posters with dark backgrounds, and I've learned a thing or two from making them that I'd like to share.

Academic twitter isn't for me

I'll go against the current trend and say that I don't think you should use Twitter as a tool for working in academia.

The cleverness behind Tajima's D statistic

I want to highlight how clever the derivation of Tajima's statistic is, and a great idea he puts forward in his 1989 paper.

Don't trust your data at first glance

A cautionary tale of trusting your data from another source.

"Support" over "coverage"

"Read coverage" in high throughput sequencing is a bit of an ambiguous term. Here, I make the argument for using the analogous term "support", coming from set theory and its interpretation.

The woes of using bioinformatics software: a case study in trying to install ChAMP

Making high-quality bioinformatics software is hard. Installing and using it shouldn't be, though. Here's a detailed description of all the work I did to try and install the ChAMP package.

PubMed + RSS for following specific authors

A quick method for keeping updated on works published by specific authors using PubMed's not so well known RSS feature.

Git flow for scientific analysis

Some thoughts about using Git's branching model for clean and clear scientific analysis.

How I Maintain a Reproducible Computational Environment

A brief description of how I try my best to keep a low-maintenance and reproducible software environment.

PubPeer for Microsoft Edge

I ported PubPeer's Chrome extension for Microsoft Edge.


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