Git flow for scientific analysis

Some thoughts about using Git's branching model for clean and clear scientific analysis.

How I Maintain a Reproducible Computational Environment

A brief description of how I try my best to keep a low-maintenance and reproducible software environment.

PubPeer for Microsoft Edge

I ported PubPeer's Chrome extension for Microsoft Edge.

Using GitHub Pages in Visual Studio Code

I run this site using GitHub Pages, so here's my setup of how I make it easier to test my site before I make changes, using Visual Studio Code.

Visualizing layered fluids in a rotating reference frame

A video project for my fluid dynamics class in undergrad.

CRISPieR: Re-engineering CRISPR-Cas9 with functional applications in eukaryotic systems

University of Waterloo's iGEM team had been fascinated with CRISPR systems for a few years, so we decided to probe the specifics of how the system works, and attempted to find some possible improvements to the system.

Quasi-geostrophic models and Hamiltonian dynamics

A summary of my Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant term in 2015 studying Hamiltonian fluid dynamics.

Staphylocide: Stopping Antibiotic Resistance Through Gene Silencing

An overview of the University of Waterloo's 2014 iGEM project, tackling antibiotic resistance, and my contributions.

Quantum Communication Complexity

A brief description and report of my work at the Institute for Quantum Computing during an undergraduate research term.

Controlled Modification and Intercellular Transmission of a DNA Message

My contributions to University of Waterloo's 2013 iGEM team. We proposed and designed an intercellular messaging system using viral capsids.


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