Pad Thai

Prep Time15 min
Cook Time15 min
Yields4 servings

Added: 2017-11-27

Tags: #chicken #dinner


2 tspfish sauce
2 Tbspoyster sauce
2 Tbspvegetable oil
1 tspsugar
1 lbchicken breasts
1 pkgrice noodles
1/2 cuppeanuts, chopped
1/2 cupbean sprouts
1/4 cupcarrots, shredded


  1. Cook rice noodles before adding to pan
    1. Boil water in a pot, remove from heat
    2. Set the noodles in it for ~10 mins until they're soft but not mushy
  2. Cook chicken in oil
    1. When sealed (aka whole outside is white) add eggs into the pan and immediately mix around
    2. Cook eggs until yellow
  3. Mix fish sauce, oyster sauce, vegetable oil, and sugar, and mix it all in the pan
  4. Add noodles to the pan
  5. Add sprouts and carrots and mix a bit
    1. Take pan off heat 1-2 mins after you've added the veggies (they should still be somewhat crunchy)
  6. Garnish with chopped peanuts and lime juice

References & Notes

  1. Original recipe: Heather McNeil
  2. Taste the noodles to ensure they're like al dente pasta before you put them in the pan. They won't cook that much in the pan
  3. Don't worry if it doesn't seem that saucy
  4. You don't want it saucy like pasta; the taste is too strong
  5. You want it all covered in sauce but a bit dry